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Crisis Communications

All well-renowned companies face some form of negative PR throughout their life cycle that can be irreversibly crippling without requisite action. Verily, to protect your organization’s reputation, our professionals diligently handle every type of situation to ensure your brand image remains spot-free and your business goals face zero roadblocks.


Creating the perfect pitch can be a little tricky which is why you should leave it to the experts. Instead of using boring templates, we send personalized messages to maximize outreach. With PrimeTime Communications, our team will pitch your product and services to the right people – bloggers, journalists, influencers, and more! 


Claim your space in competitive markets through strategic representation. Our PR professionals will effectively promote your brand, and build profitable relationships with important stakeholders. When you leave it all to us, you get more than just surface-level publicity. In that, PrimeTime Communications undertakes the necessary measures to make sure all efforts contribute to consistent results.

Reputation Management

Getting famous is great but that comes with extra responsibility. Here at PrimeTime Communications, we know what your brand should and should not say. A stable reputation is crucial to success which means you need to align with the right movements and avoid certain mistakes. For that, our experts thoroughly analyze market dynamics so your company is always seen in a positive light.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for networking and your company needs to leverage the latter to its benefit. Influencer marketing and sponsored posts are just some of the aspects PrimeTime Communications experts brilliantly handle to widen your PR scope. Additionally, we know how to position your products on relevant platforms so they go viral!

Special Events

Host special events to gain more customers, sponsors, deals, as well as collaboration opportunities. With PrimeTime Communications, your brand will never miss important calendar dates that are guaranteed to accelerate business success. This technique has been tried and tested for years; and our services will undoubtedly add an edge to your promotional efforts.

Strategic Content

Content is king which is to say that a winning strategy can make or break the brand image. Thus, PrimeTime Communications utilizes the PESO model when crafting creative pieces for the public. Our PR content strategy derives from integration and effective targeting so that all communications delivered are not only heard but imprinted.

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