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Media Planning

PrimeTime Communications collaborates with you to find the most suitable media outlets for advertising your product. We utilize the best placements to complement your value offering so that reach, attention, and action are maximized. As a result, you will see more customers picking your business over competitors, thus, contributing to accelerated profitability.

Media Research and data analysis

Our experts conduct extensive research and familiarize themselves with market dynamics, underlying consumer behaviors, marketing influences, and effective media integration. If you want your advertising efforts to bear fruit at a considerable pace, PrimeTime Communications is the right choice for you. Through effective communication avenues, we amp the volume on your brand message.

Media Buying

Don’t have time to spend hours haggling for the best media placements? Don’t fret! PrimeTime Communications can be your agency and get you the most wanted spots on Television, radio, print, and beyond. That too, at reasonable prices! Our far-reaching networks make the process of media buying seamless which saves you the extra hassle.

Media Measurement

Your advertising goals need timely checkups; surely, certain benchmarks need to be met and unless that is happening, you will never know if the budget spent is yielding results. Verily, PrimeTime Communications extracts important data from all the media channels being employed to measure performance against different metrics. This form of media tracking can provide a clearer picture of where the company is excelling and where it needs to do better.

Global Media Buying

If your company is expanding beyond local borders, or currently running international franchises, you have to invest in global media. While the latter is a worthy investment, it should be left to professionals for refined results. PrimeTime Communications carefully manages this step through a ‘glocalised’ approach, in that, it gets the best placements to gain your international audience’s attention.

Corporate Barters

Corporate barter is a modern marketing technique that shows tremendous results when done right. As a full-service agency, PrimeTime Communications has leveraged it to attain significant cost savings that it transfers onto its clients. Your brand can benefit from the finest deals, larger and more successful campaigns as well as added value.

Public Relations

Talking with customers is one thing, staying in the good books of all other publics is another. To achieve just that, we share the right information with the right people in the right places. This brings in good publicity which boosts your brand image through long-lasting relationships. And by implementing a consistent strategy, these relationships work on autopilot to beat your PR goals.

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